Crowboy is an Indie Americana Rock band, formed in Colorado by multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters Todd Redmond and Christopher Smith. Crowboy's sound is rich in imagery that draws from the roots of country, folk, and rock 'n' roll. They create songs with soulful harmonies and unforgettable melodies, often with a twist of grit and humor. Since releasing their first self-titled EP in 2008, Crowboy has recorded and performed extensively as a duo, trio and full band. Their latest album, 'Coming into View' was released in October of 2017. Their live shows (which feature RYAN PARKER on bass/vocals and MARTY HUMPHREYS on lap steel/vocals, are always lively, unpredictable and a hell of a lot of fun.





"...this is a great collection of songs where the song writing, the playing, the harmonies and the production all work together to create something very original; it may feature murder and mayhem and sinister hitch-hikers but it is tremendously wicked fun." 

- Tom Fairnie / songwriter, poet and Radio Saltire host. 





“Hurrah! I was really impressed! It is a very strong effort, and a great record. Excellent songs and cool production, Todd's voice is beautiful, and Christopher's guitar work is quite exciting and “new” sounding.”  -  Jason Ringenberg (of Jason and the Scorchers)    

“You can feel the swagger in the steady rhythms and speedy solos on this album, as Todd Redmond and Christopher Smith invoke the golden age of country-western music. With equal nods to Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, the songs relate tales of crimes committed, drinks imbibed and muddy roads traveled. It's the perfect country formula.”  - A.H. Goldstein, Westword(Moovers and Shakers / Favorite releases of the year)   

"This release comes off with more than a bit of surprise. Recorded over a year, in the spare bedroom of one of the principles on the cd, nearly everything about this record comes off very strong ... Lead singer Todd Redmond has one of the most satisfying rough-hewn Rocky Mountain rock-country voices in the region. Seriously, this is one of the best country-rock records I've heard come out of this area...."  - Chris K (aka The Goat) / Colorado Music Buzz   

"Crowboy will have you up on the dance floor, crying into your beer and playing your air-guitar along with Chris' spell-binding riffs and solos.  Todd has one of the finest country voices I've ever heard, whether he's singing rock  or a heartrending ballad, and their harmonies are awesome." / Radio Saltire, Scotland.