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Crowboy at Haystack Mountain

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Haystack Mountain Golf Course & Driving Range, 5877 Niwot Rd, Longmont, Colorado

Crowboy sneaks out of the recording studio to play the final Grill Night of the season at Haystack Mountain. We will be playing some new songs from our upcoming album, as well as some fresh takes on old favorites. Grill night is fun and it's close, so come on by and help us usher in the fall!



Trying not to laugh at an inappropriate time. The feeling of a warm wind on a winter day. Deserted streets at 3am. Longing. The sound of a train in the distance. Thinking of the perfect comeback after the fact. Heartbreak. A crazy old man with a dirty mouth and generous heart. Little victories. 

Crowboy's music is the soundtrack to just such moments, the sound of someone or something who gets you and accepts you as you are, even if you don't.

We dig up our songs under a dead tree with a bent rusty fork, we are fluid harmonies over tumultuous verse, an incubation of memory and long-forgotten melody, we are a moonlit walk with rabid hounds, we are whispered schemes in a self-made typhoon, we are an able choir singing filthy limericks.  We are a glorious sandcastle built on a floodplain. We are a pair of sensible shoes worn by a madman on a killing spree, we are cheap whiskey drunk by a bleeding romantic, we are a ceaseless wind on a foreign moon. Our songs come at you like a friendly drifter with a hidden dagger.

We all go through this crazy world together, feeling mostly the same imperfect human feelings. We want you to know we are here for you whenever you need us. We want you along for the ride, even though we don't always take the main roads ... sometimes we don't even have a car. But that's half the fun, right? The other half is sharing it with you, the listener.

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